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Armadillo Launches Modern Home Warranty Solution in 20 Markets

Home services provider backed by leading insurance partner introduces subscription-based protection plans and an unmatched technology-driven customer experience.

NEW YORK and CLARKSVILLE, Ind., Sept. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Armadillo, a technology-based home warranty company providing subscription protection plans, announced the launch of three new service offerings designed to create a hassle-free homeownership experience. The company has partnered with Hornbeam Insurance, a trusted property casualty insurer, to support and back its products.

“We are not your father’s home warranty product. This industry has failed to deliver for consumers for over 50 years,” said Matan Slagter, Armadillo CEO. “Armadillo is a tech company first and foremost. We are redefining the home warranty category and our battle cry is innovation at the service of the customer. We are changing the game.”

Founded in 2021 by seasoned insurance executives Matan Slagter and Lansdon Robbins, Armadillo’s initial round of funding has been used to focus on product development and the build-out of the company’s technology platform.

“We are excited to be partnering with Armadillo on their innovative approach to home warranty,” said Kevin Callahan, President of Hornbeam. “We see the opportunity in this market and have worked hard with Armadillo to turn the traditional home warranty on its head and create a truly unique program.”

“Armadillo’s customer centric mindset guides our innovation,” said Lansdon Robbins, Armadillo Chairman. “There is a lot of interest from many different players in home services. What makes this exciting is that there is only 4% penetration in the home warranty industry. We are only scratching the surface of what’s possible in building an iconic home warranty brand for a new generation of homeowners.”

We are only scratching the surface of what's possible in building an iconic home warranty brand for a new generation of homeowners.

About Armadillo

Armadillo is a technology company that offers home warranty plans designed for a new generation of homeowners. Founded in 2021 by Matan Slagter and Lansdon Robbins, Armadillo’s mission is to provide an effortless homeownership experience. Armadillo plans are available in: AK, DE, HI, IN, KS, KY, LA, MD, MI, MS, NE, NJ, NC, ND, OH, RI, SD, TN, WV, and WY. Learn more by visiting www.armadillo.one.

About Hornbeam Insurance

Hornbeam is a property casualty insurance company focused on the warranty and specialty insurance market. Hornbeam is affiliated with American Life and Accident Insurance Company of Kentucky, which was founded in 1906, serving the life insurance markets throughout the United States. Hornbeam Insurance and American Life are both owned by Hardscuffle Incorporated, a holding company. Learn more at http://www.hornbeaminsurance.com.


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Welcome to a new age of home warranty

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    What is Home Warranty?

    Home Warranty plans cover the costs of repair or replacement of major appliances and systems like HVAC, refrigerators, dishwashers, washer/dryers and so much more.

    Armadillo is a technology company that makes requesting a repair and resolving the issue streamlined, easy, at your fingertips, and affordable.

    Typical Home Warranty

    A long legal contract. More pages means more conditions and exclusions – and more reasons to deny you service.

    Armadillo’s Home Warranty

    Shortest, most transparent and digestible plan in the industry. That means less fine print so that we can actually deliver for you.