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How to clean your oven the non-toxic way

Treat this blog as a friendly reminder to clean your oven. We’d bet it’s been a minute…for us all.

We are on team-non-toxic, and by cleaning your oven with natural ingredients, you can keep your oven fresh and spotless without exposing your food, yourself, and your family to harsh chemicals. Easy-Off can buzz off!

We’ve scoured and sifted through all the non-toxic oven-cleaning hacks our grandmothers, bffs, and the internet have to offer, and we’ve distilled it down to this:

The Non-Toxic Oven Cleaning Solution

First, before you get started, make sure you have your favorite pair of rubber gloves on so you can get into the nitty gritty, literally. 

Next, remove the racks and set them aside for cleaning later.

In a bowl, mix together the holy grail of homemade cleaning solution:

Let it sizzle.

Then, coat the entire inside of your oven with the mixture (including the glass door) with a sponge.  Let it sit for 3 hours… tick tock…

While you’re waiting for your oven to soak for 180 minutes, scrub down the racks in your kitchen sink with the same cleaning solution. We like using a heavy-duty scrub brush to remove any grime. Rinse. Dry. 

Then – 3 hours later – and with some built-up elbow grease – scrub the inside of your oven down with a sponge.

At this point, you could wipe down your oven with a damp microfiber cloth or clean sponge to remove all the cleaning solution and debris. Then wipe with a dry one. Ta-da! 

What if That’s Not Enough?

If the oven is super gritty, we recommend using a pumice scouring stick (you can grab a 2-pack here **adds to cart**) which scours away food, grease, and carbon buildups in ovens, bbq, grills, and iron cookware. Do this right after wiping off the cleaning solution, before you give the oven a final polish with a damp cloth.

Note: a pumice stone is a porous lava rock, so it should always be damp when cleaning.

Need a Video Tutorial?

We’ve got you! Click here.


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