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The Winterizing Series, Part 3: Protect your pipes – The How-To’s

Ok, so here’s the thing. As long as your pipes are getting used during the winter (meaning you and your family are home and the water is running regularly: tub time, toilets flushing, dishwasher or kitchen sink workin’ to keep your dishes clean, washing machine chugging along, etc), you’re already doing a good job keeping your pipes ‘warm.’

If we lost you at “pipes,” don’t fret. Continue reading.

How do you protect and winterize your pipes? Insulate them!

If exposed to freezing temps, your pipes can freeze —> which can stop the flow of running water —> which can lead to a homeowners’ worst nightmare: burst or cracked pipes. [insert worst nightmare sound effect here]. Burst or cracked pipes can lead to significant and costly plumbing repairs, water damage at the site, mold growth and the incredible nuisance and inconvenience of being without running water. Let’s avoid this with insulation.

If you’re not sure if your pipes are insulated, contact your favorite (licensed) plumber to inspect. They’ll know to find your pipes in the attic or basement or any exposed piping on the exterior of your home. If needed, they’ll wrap up your chilly pipes with protective foam and boom, pipes winterized.

Disconnect yo’ hose!

Make sure the exterior faucet (that works hard all summer with your hose), is turned off! And disconnected from the exterior spigot. And that the hose is drained of any water so you don’t have to order a new hose in the spring.


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