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Questions to ask your plumber when they make a house call

We’ve all been there. The toilet is overflowing or you hear a trick-trick-trickle in the wall or the shower drain is not, well, draining. Your reliable (Armadillo-vetted-and-scheduled) plumber shows up to save the day… no more trickle! 

But you realize – once they’ve already left – you still have no idea what actually went wrong with your plumbing.

While the plumber should be able to fix your issue and get you on your way, as an informed homeowner, it’s helpful to learn more about what you can do to prevent repeat issues. And in our experience, in the chaos of a breakdown in the home, we sometimes freeze and forget to ask the important questions. 

We put together a list of questions you should ask your plumber the next time they make a service call to ensure a useful visit!

What is your assessment of the problem? Ask the plumber to explain the issue in simple terms so you can understand the nature and extent of the problem.

What caused the problem? Understanding the root cause can help you prevent similar issues in the future. Ask the plumber for insights into what may have caused the plumbing problem.

What are the available solutions? Inquire about the different options to resolve the issue. The plumber may suggest multiple solutions with varying costs and effectiveness. Discuss the pros and cons of each option.

How long will the repair take? Ask the plumber how long the repair will take and how urgent the issue is. Some issues may require immediate attention, while others may be less time-sensitive. If it’s urgent and parts need to be ordered, ask if there are any temporary fixes or alternative solutions that can provide short-term relief until the permanent repair can be done.

How can I prevent similar issues in the future? Ask the plumber for tips and recommendations on preventive measures you can take to avoid similar plumbing problems down the line. This can include maintenance routines or specific precautions to follow.

Is there anything else I should be aware of throughout my plumbing system? Your plumber is already there, so ask them to take a look at your plumbing overall! Ask them to share any additional information or advice related to your plumbing system. They may highlight potential concerns, offer maintenance suggestions, or address any questions you may have overlooked.

Your awesome Armadillo-vetted plumber will be happy to answer questions that keep your home running smoothly! So don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek clarification on any aspects of the repair process. Their preventative tips may even help you avoid future plumbing issues!


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    What is Home Warranty?

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