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Armadillo Home Warranty
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Go to app.armadillo.one/repair to file online or you can call (844) 471-1800 for fast and
easy claims service! You can use your own contractor, just file the claim first!

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What is Home Warranty?

Home Warranty plans cover the costs of repair or replacement of major appliances and systems like HVAC, refrigerators, dishwashers, washer/dryers and so much more.

Armadillo is a technology company that makes requesting a repair and resolving the issue streamlined, easy, at your fingertips, and affordable.

Typical Home Warranty

A long legal contract. More pages means more conditions and exclusions – and more reasons to deny you service.

Armadillo’s Home Warranty

Shortest, most transparent and digestible plan in the industry. That means less fine print so that we can actually deliver for you.