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Most common reasons your sinks are draining slowly ⏲️ 🛀 

This week we’ve got a quick-reference guide for the top causes of slow-draining drains — from kitchen to bathroom sinks and shower drains to tubs. 

*If the problem persists or if you’re unsure about how to proceed, give a professional plumber a ring to come identify and address the specific issue.

Clogs The most frequent cause is the buildup of debris, grease, or hair in the drainpipe or P-trap. Over time, these substances accumulate and restrict water flow. We like this natural DIY way to unclog. 

Foreign Objects Items such as soap scum, food particles, or small objects can get lodged in the drain, impeding water flow. This is also a good time to try the above vinegar-baking soda-hot water trick. If it doesn’t do the trick, a larger object might be the issue and could require more intervention. 

Mineral Buildup Hard water can lead to the accumulation of mineral deposits in the pipes, reducing the effective diameter of the pipe and causing slow drainage. This one requires the help of a professional. 

Faulty or Clogged Vent Pipe: The vent pipe allows air to enter the plumbing system, helping water flow smoothly. If the vent pipe is clogged or damaged, it can result in slow drainage. A clogged vent pipe means getting onto the roof – its a good reason to get a pro involved. 

Sewer Line Issues A slow drain may indicate problems with the main sewer line, such as a partial blockage or damage.

Improper Slope The pipes under your sink should have a proper slope to allow water to flow freely. If the slope is incorrect, water may not drain efficiently. Here’s some more info about this critical plumbing principle: the slope of pipes.  

Old or Damaged Pipes: Pipes deteriorate over time, and if they are old or damaged, it can lead to obstructions and slow drainage. Not to mention potential leaks. 

Tree Roots: In some cases, tree roots can intrude into the sewer line, causing blockages and hindering proper drainage.

Inadequate Water Pressure: Low water pressure can contribute to slow drainage, as there may not be enough force to push the water through the pipes.

To address most of the above, you’ll need to enlist the help of your friendly neighborhood plumber. Make sure to take care before there are more costly damages as a result of backed up plumbing. 


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