What Is Home Warranty


Your gutters need cleaning

Maintaining a well-functioning gutter system is essential when you are a homeowner. It’s obligatory!

Gutters are in charge of directing water away from the home and foundation to prevent water damage and floods. Keeping an eye on your gutters and having them regularly checked and cleaned (we recommend 2x/year, ideally late spring and late fall) ensures they can do their job and keep your home protected.

This is a household checklist item that we recommend you have checked off by professionals – especially if the gutters that line the roof are out of view. Safety first! Typically, your local landscaping company will offer gutter clean outs.

So, take this blog as your reminder to schedule a gutter cleaning if you didn’t do it yet this year. You won’t regret this one. Click here for a satisfying video of a gutter cleaning.

There are some things you can do in between official clean outs to keep your gutters in working order. Here is what we recommend…

1. Inspect for damage: From the ground, look for signs of damage in your gutters such as cracks, holes, sagging sections, loose fasteners, rusted sections or clogs. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, ask your local pros to take a look.

2. Start at the Downspouts: Regularly check out the downspouts for any obstructions. They can often be found near the ground by the driveway, sides of the house and in the backyard. From the bottom of the downspout, use a small garden trowel or a hand scoop to remove any leaves, twigs, or other debris that may be clogging it up.

3. Again, with safety at the top of mind, we recommend having professionals perform the clean out in late Spring and again in late Fall. They will not only be removing debris that may be causing clogs or repairing damaged bits of your gutters, but they will also:

Flush the gutters with a high pressure hose and check for proper water flow;

Address any gutter guards or screens that may need replacing; 

Perform routine maintenance tasks like trimming overhanging branches that may be shedding leaves into the gutters;

Recommend and install additions to your gutters like extensions or splash blocks to best direct water away from the home while preventing soil erosion.

The bottom line: Regularly checking and cleaning your house’s gutters is vital. Unavoidable. Necessary. A must. And a maintenance task that should never be overlooked.

Haven’t had someone clean them out yet? We promise it’s simple. Click here and call the best reviewed landscaper on the list. They’ll take good care of you!  


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